Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Southern Allsorts Pty Ltd specialises in, Industrial, Commercial, Residencial; Electrical & Communications Services.

To ensure that we deliver services that meet the customer’s requirements, as far as practicable without risk to personal health or safety, and carrying out all activities in a manner that minimises environmental impacts, conforms to the relevant regulations, codes and specifications, Southern Allsorts Pty Ltd Management is totally committed to providing service of the highest quality, safety and environmental standards by implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS).

Southern Allsorts Pty Ltd will:
•Ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant statutory and other obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice as well as the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards
•For OH&S it includes a commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health as appropriately to eliminate hazards in OH&S risks
•Understand and conform to the agreed requirements of our clients to enhance their satisfaction
•Emphasis on satisfaction of interested parties as the primary focus of the Integrated Management System activities and managing our relationships with them to obtaining sustained success
•Maintain a high quality of workmanship to keep our work-site defects, incidents, accidents, and injuries to an absolute minimum – ZERO –
•Manage our diverse activities in preventing or minimising pollution and impacts on visual amenity, air, water, land, flora, fauna, and cultural and heritage values
•Strive to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimising waste generation in our services
•Enhance organisation’s capability by competent, empowered and engaged employees at all levels through the company
•Consult with workers and their representatives in matters relating to workplace safety.
•Communicate and participate and inform workers and subcontractors in matters relating to workplace safety.
•Communicate with contractor/subcontractors and other relevant interested parties in matters relating to the quality, health, safety and environment
•Identify hazards, assess risk, eliminate risk and initiate risk control measures.
•Treat external providers as integral asset of the company and work closely with them to meet customer’s needs
•Provide appropriate supervision to ensure work is carried out in a safe and healthy manner.
•Continually improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System considering risk-based thinking
•Set measurable and achievable objectives and targets; and
•Implement mechanisms that allow all staff to participate in the development of a safe working environment that is as risk-free as possible.

To comply with our policy, our staff will receive adequate induction and training to enable them to follow our systems and procedures.

This policy will apply to all employees and sub-contractors and is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant to the operations and activities of Southern Allsorts Pty Ltd.

Jaco Potgieter